anne m. hilliges


Kunstsein / My Skin Is My Diary

Short Documentary, 11 Min.


"Kunstsein" / "My Skin Is My Diary" is a portrait of a young rockabilly-hairdresser. All her life her ex-husband - a tattoo artist - has tattooed her with remarkable memories of her past: Their spontaneous wedding in Las Vegas, the cat that led her mother to a withdrawal, the birth of her best friend´s first child.


The short documentary shows a young woman who uses her skin as her diary.

  • Protagonist: Phyllis Overman
  • Idea, Direction, Editing: Anne M. Hilliges
  • DOP: Carla Muresan
  • Producer: Philip Grabow
  • Line Producer University of Television and Film Munich: Hannah Maag


  • FilmZ Mainz
  • Regensburger Kurzfilmwoche - Nomination for Best Short
  • Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival - Nomination for Dok.Block
  • Flimmern & Rauschen Youth Film Festival Munich